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The creator and moderator of the community. Second time Nano'er, hopefully second time winner.

Writer of dark fantasy.

Second time Nano writer of fantasy.


First time Nano writer of fantasy.


Local Supporter, distoractor and motivator

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I suppose I should fill this out... [Friday
November 3rd, 06 at 10:02pm]

Your Name: Kelly, although some like to refer to me as M. 
Year/Major: 2/polisci and comm...or maybe english...or geography....ummmm...
Years Done Nano: 2005
Years Won Nano: none

Novel Title: for now, The Unofficial autobiography
Estimated length: hopefully, 50,000 words
Your writing experience: I started a newspaper in elementary school, I write for Blueprint, or try to HA....and I write short stories and weird little poems a lot in two blogs(I don't know why) or my notebook. And I write outside on stuff. But positive messages only.
Your genre: UNknown....experimental/ accidentally postmodernist
New genre? Or old favorite?: ummm my stuff doesn't really fall under genres...warped sciencey fiction but not really because they are bagels?
Other genres of your novel: Alll of them?
Gonna publish?: Ooo I'll certainly try! It's my dreammmmm
Cliches/archetypes you're including (not necessarily a bad thing!): Just Gender( as in I'm including it ....btu i am addressign the issue)
Cliches/archetypes you're avoiding: a genre?
Theme(s)/Issue(s) discussed: Time, tuesdays and mysterious ulteria universes

Main character(s): Milo, so far..
Secondary characters: Yanny, a cat, a fly and soon to be a yet unnamed penguin and ostrich
Protagonist(s): time, secretly
Antagonist(s): Yanny so far
What does your protagonist(s) or main character(s) want most in the world?: It depends on if he can make up his mind...

Setting: Oregon, but not really...what is setting, realllly....
Is the setting static or does it shift: it's abotu to shift :)
Based on a place/culture/real-world environment?: Sureeeeee.....well, a little I suppose
Is a place/culture/real-world environment? (Which): um isn't this the same question? Ohhhhh...I get it..

Main Conflict: Well, right now Yanny just shoved Milo into a fast flowign river 
Sub Conflicts: Milo woke up and Yanny knocked on his door and he doesn't know why. Also, the fly doesn't get a part on this stage!
Obstacles in the journey: Socks, ice and possibley indecisiveness
Expected resolution(s): Oh, I'm supposed to know that now am I ? Milo hasn't told me yet, soI'll let you know later.

Summary of plot: Let's see: Sofar, it's been established that it's tuesday. And that's very important.
Tagline (a one-sentence slogan that sums up the tone and premise of your novel): Well I coudl tell you that, but it's based on assumptions. The only thign to be sure about, is that it's tuesday.

I hope to one day meet with you all and wer can encourage each otehr! yay!
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neko's intro [Friday
November 3rd, 06 at 2:50pm]

I just joined into Nano, since there's a muse that won't leave me alone

Your Name: Corina, otherwise known as the Kender, the Familar and Kitty amongst the SKiFFY/KoG/MoA crowd (we're the ones who take over the 24 lounge on the weekends). On the Skiffy Exec, I'm known as the Media Coordinator.
Year/Major: 3-4/English
Years Done Nano: 2003 and 2004
Years Won Nano: none

Novel Title: for now, "Paranoia"
Estimated length: hopefully, 50,000 words
Your writing experience: officially, I've written and drawn articles and small comics for a non-profit organization, am writing and drawing a fantasy comic "Amhelaki Misadventures", co-write and edit and draw another fantasy comic "The Lord of the Shepherd", writing a trilogy, finishing an old nano novel, and other random short comics. Unofficially, I've been writing ever since I've been able to write sentences.
Your genre: Fantasy.
New genre? Or old favorite?: I only do fantasy. I like making gods.
Other genres of your novel: huh?
Gonna publish?: hell yeah!
Cliches/archetypes you're including (not necessarily a bad thing!): dunno
Cliches/archetypes you're avoiding: a clear good vs evil.
Theme(s)/Issue(s) discussed: I suppose, the reasoning of a person who lives totally on the sidelines of life, and whether the narrator is sane.
What we (the readers) will learn: I have no clue, isn't this fun?

Main character(s): the narrator, who has no name or gender
Secondary characters: everyone other than the narrator
Protagonist(s): narrator
Antagonist(s): the authorities
What does your protagonist(s) or main character(s) want most in the world?: it's complicated, it wants to be left alone, and at the same time, it wants to make some sort of difference in the way the government and society is run.

Setting: university **grins**
Is the setting static or does it shift: mostly stays the same
Based on a place/culture/real-world environment?: yep, it's based on Laurier, but it's an alternate reality. Well, either it's an alternate reality or the narrator is completely nuts. That's an issue in the novel; is the narrator insane?
Is a place/culture/real-world environment? (Which): **points up**

Main Conflict: mentally, with the narrator's self; physically, the authorities and social convention, most likely.
Sub Conflicts: social interaction
Obstacles in the journey: journey? the narrator ain't leaving the building!
Expected resolution(s): don't have any. I'm not planning a thing in this one. It's coming straight from the muses.

Summary of plot: Let's see: "you have been invited to view the inmost thoughts of a student no longer satisfied with passive watching." Right now, that's the best I can do.
Tagline (a one-sentence slogan that sums up the tone and premise of your novel): Ever wonder what the quiet ones think about?

I hope that sometime I'll be able to make it to a meet up. I live right around the corner from Starbucks, and it's hard to miss my bright orange hair. If any of you need some insane geeky talk, you're invited to come hang out with Skiffy and the geek clubs in the 24 lounge.

Also, if you are curious, I'm posting my novel on my LJ: http://neko-no-baka.livejournal.com/200916.html
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Novel Profile [Wednesday
October 25th, 06 at 2:54pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Novel Title: Window Black
Estimated length: 60k
Your writing experience: Two Nano's, on sci-fi comic, several short stories, poetry, minor publication
Your genre: Horror
New genre? Or old favorite?: New
Other genres of your novel: Mystery, Fantasy
Gonna publish?: Ideally
Cliches/archetypes you're including (not necessarily a bad thing!): Ghosts, the Church, MC falls for victim he should never have gotten attached to
Cliches/archetypes you're avoiding: Heavy religious influence, Demon = badbadbad, 'I must do this at night because it's freakier than in the noon sun'
Theme(s)/Issue(s) discussed: Opinions on good and bad, identity issues
What we (the readers) will learn: Things are not simply black/white

Main character(s): Thail, Rune
Secondary characters: Damalius, Nynicnavinch (Inch), WG (unnamed)
Protagonist(s): Thail
Antagonist(s): Ghosts, Demons, Final demon
What does your protagonist(s) or main character(s) want most in the world?: Revenge and to rid the world of influence of the Otherworld

Is the setting static or does it shift: Overall it's in a parallel New York, but shifts within that
Based on a place/culture/real-world environment?: Yes
Is a place/culture/real-world environment? (Which): New York

Main Conflict: Thail vs. Demon
Sub Conflicts: Thail versus twin ghosts, Thail versus betrayal, Thail versus internal conflict
Obstacles in the journey: Mirror House, Haunted Woods, Betrayal
Expected resolution(s): Purificiation of the largest demonic influence

Summary of plot: A young exorcist finds himself with a new partner when he takes in a previous client's son. When a new customer approaches the exorcist with a task, he has no choice but to take his new partner along for the ride of a job that turns out to be far more terrifying when the boy ends up being a magnet for demonic activity. The test isn't over when a second job appears, involving a haunted forest, but what exactly is haunting the forest remains unknown. A mysterious carousel sits in the heart of the woods with a heavy power and a long history. After a damning betrayal the exorcist must choose his enemies before he can save his friends.
Tagline: An exorcist fights to purify a haunted New York while his new partner battles demons of his own.

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Jason's Nano [Monday
October 23rd, 06 at 5:57pm]

Novel Title: I'm not sure yet. Here are some tentative titles: The silence of love, Never was there a day as fine as this, Jason's mucho grande pamplemousse.
Estimated length: At least 50,000 words. :P
Your writing experience: LJ, blogging, academic papers and conferences, freelance for a youth marketing online magazine, manuscript editor for academic non-fiction book. Really not that much creative writing, so this will be something new.
Your genre: Autobiographical, self-absorbed, shameless, drama.
New genre? Or old favorite?: Somewhat oldish, I got turned onto this first by Microserfs, which isn't autobiographical, but that quirky 1st person narrative and then Reading Lolita and Tehran, I Know This Much is True (wait, was that 1st person?), and A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius... I like the first person.
Other genres of your novel: Uh... Asian... North American? Does that count?
Gonna publish?: Perhaps, if I get good feedback and if the money's there.
Cliches/archetypes you're including (not necessarily a bad thing!): Dramatic love story gone terribly wrong, life gone to shit and eventual redemption.
Cliches/archetypes you're avoiding: Pity-party victimization. This isn't supposed to be cathartic-- I want to tell a story that will resonate.
Theme(s)/Issue(s) discussed: Love, suicide, infidelity, insane pursuits of the One, the development of One of the Ones, forgiveness.
What we (the readers) will learn: That everyone's lives are messed up. Just some more than others.

Main character(s): Me.
Secondary characters: Parents. Sisters. Ex-gf.
Protagonist(s): Me.
Antagonist(s): Ex-gf.
What does your protagonist(s) or main character(s) want most in the world?: For people to realize the beauty and potential they carry within them... and for him to find his own.

Setting: Markham / Antarctica / Across Canada / Texas
Is the setting static or does it shift: Shifts.
Based on a place/culture/real-world environment?: Yes.

Main Conflict: Searching for Western idealized notions of love in an Eastern household- conflict with parents.
Sub Conflicts: Dealing with infidelity.
Obstacles in the journey: Sheer distance.
Expected resolution(s): Forgiveness.

Summary of plot: I know that this generally has been a pretty short summary, but it'll take shape as time goes on. In short, it tells the story of my life, with some parts entirely fictionalized of struggles with Western love and expression in a Chinese household, the eventual turn to relationships to find it, crazy travels across the continent in the name of love, attempted suicide and figurative purgatory in this life by embarking on an expedition to Antarctica and a bike ride across Canada in an attempt to reconcile everything.
Tagline (a one-sentence slogan that sums up the tone and premise of your novel): Everyone has a book. You just haven't written it yet. This is mine.
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Yay! [Monday
October 23rd, 06 at 4:04pm]

Ok, so we're in the final week, winding down to November and Nano time!

The first meet was a surprising success...you know, people actually showed up!

Now, to possibly get your minds going, there's a little writer-type meme I found on the Nano boards in the Fantasy section, though it applies for all types. Do it!

Novel Title:
Estimated length:
Your writing experience:
Your genre:
New genre? Or old favorite?:
Other genres of your novel:
Gonna publish?:
Cliches/archetypes you're including (not necessarily a bad thing!):
Cliches/archetypes you're avoiding:
Theme(s)/Issue(s) discussed:
What we (the readers) will learn:

Main character(s):
Secondary characters:
What does your protagonist(s) or main character(s) want most in the world?:

Is the setting static or does it shift:
Based on a place/culture/real-world environment?:
Is a place/culture/real-world environment? (Which):

Main Conflict:
Sub Conflicts:
Obstacles in the journey:
Expected resolution(s):

Summary of plot:
Tagline (a one-sentence slogan that sums up the tone and premise of your novel):

Feel free to respond here to make your own post for this year's Nano Profile ^^
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First Meeting [Wednesday
October 18th, 06 at 5:04pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Ok, in the spirit of getting to know your fellow Nano'ers the first metting of the Laurier division of Nanowrimo (sounds so official) will be held this Saturday, the 21st, at the Starbucks on the corner of University/King at approximatly 5pm

Is this good for everyone? Please RSVP if you will be coming, and if you'll be bringing anyone who hasn't joined this group for whatever crazy reasons.

Also, for the official meeting of Kitchener/Waterloo, the following was posted in the regional thread on the Nano boards by trafuse:

Hey Everyone!

I've taken a look at all of the discussion of places and times for the meet-ups. I wanna thank everyone who suggested a place or time, and everyone who indicated where and when they could show up.

The plan is to have two meet-ups before November. The first (this weekend) would be informal, and meant to be more to get to know each other and answer anyone's questions. The second - the kickoff - would be the next weekend, and would be more to hype everyone up for the start of NaNo and celebrate the coming insanity in style.

With that in mind (and everyone's comments taken into account) I think the best informal meeting spot is Whole Lot-A Gelata on Sunday afternoon (the 22nd) around 3:00.

Whole Lot-A Gelata is near the corner of King and William Street in Waterloo. 519-884-5760 if you need to call them for directions. Parking in that area is horrible given the construction going on, but you can park at the mall lot (off Caroline Street) and walk over.

It is near bus routes - King Street is a major street - but I don't know which bus goes past. Maybe someone can help with this?

The plan is just to meet each other, chat about NaNoWriMo, answer questions and generally relax. And maybe have a gelato. Feel free to bring along friends, other writers you haven't yet convinced to participate in NaNo, or family.

Also, if you can't make it to this meet-up, don't despair. We'll be having the kickoff on the 28 or 29 (probably at the Lion Brewery Restaurant), and we will be trying to have 2 meet-ups each week in November (one weekend day, one week day).

Hope to see you all on Sunday!

So that's Sunday, Whole Lot-A Gelata, 3pm. If those going would like to meet up prior to travelling down there, let me know ^_^.

Remember, RSVP!

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New Year New Nano [Friday
September 22nd, 06 at 6:38pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Yes, it's that time again! No not Christmas, no not spring cleaning, no not national Turkey Day (though that is fast approaching, yumm) but Nanowrimo!

So Ok, it's not November yet. There is a reason October is unofficially known as Nanoplamo (National Novel Planning Month) and no, I did not just make that up.

I swear.

Anywho, consider this a friendly, insistant, or nagging reminder to start plotting about Nanowrimo, if not what you're doing (for those who like to go in by the seat of their pants) then at least who you're dragging into this sordid affair kicking, screaming, and fighting tooth and nail all the way. That's right my little flying monkies, October is also the time to convert!

So what do you do when you've pimped this wonderful event like a 2cent ho on Maine St? You drag them here, force them to join this community (for updates and general tomfoolery of all sorts), and further drag them out to events!

So whether you're brand shiney new like a penny waiting to be tarnished, or one of the returning coins who's spent one or more years on the train tracks, you get your butts going on this whole Nano06 thing, and you get them going good!

The first meet will be schedualed some time around the end of October, giving us an oppourtunity to meet, greet, eat, and relax before the ultimate pressure arrives. Weekly meetings will follow, which I will tell you are mandatory...but have no way other than the incredible fear of my anger to enforce.

So go, convert, corrupt, and bring back!

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Nano Meeting [Sunday
November 27th, 05 at 10:37pm]

I'm going to place our final Nanowrimo meeting on December 3rd, a Saturday, for a time as of yet undecided.

This is open to EVERYONE, winner or non. It will likely include some sort of fooding, some sort of beverage consumption, and much yabbering.

More details to come. Everyone PLEASE post the times you're avaliable on Saturday.
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Nanoing it up! [Thursday
November 17th, 05 at 9:26am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
12,560 / 50,000

Well, here is my Nano update, cause SOMEBODY would probably track me down if I didn't update it soon...
Anywhoo, as always, going very slowly, however, I am still working at it, and I'm not giving up so easy!
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The State of Caitlin [Tuesday
November 15th, 05 at 1:27am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
13,091 / 50,000

I live. And I haven't even got to the part you guys helped me with yet. I am milking every scene for all the words it is worth!
I have decided that this will not even count as a draft. It is practice writing. It sucks that bad. But at least I am learning about the story, right? Ha.
(And! When I put it into the report card without the four days in which I wrote the other story, thereby setting myself back so horribly, I am to finish on December 5! That means I'm actually almost on track, sorta! Whoo.)

For those of you who know my plot (and believe me, you know about as much as I do), feel free to add random things in comments. I may actually end up using them, if for nothing other than wordcounty-goodness.

Oh, and when is the next meet?
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Nano Update [Monday
November 14th, 05 at 3:03am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
27,039 / 50,000

Did it! HA! *fist shake at Nano* OhHO who's the novelist NOW?!
Almost anyway. *dance*

Tonight I wrote: Everyone in the ferrier's place in Athala. The then make thier way to The Gilded Pony, their inn of choice for thier stay in Athkatla's capital. Malis ends up sharing a bed with Chayse, Datian ends up sharing a bed with a random wench/waitress, and then there's nearly-midnight snackings after Malis gets flicked in the nose. I'm pleased with the conversations going on.

Tonight I discovered: Malis is not as loyal as Chayse might think, but then again Chayse doesn't trust anyone. Summery: He's thinking about selling some of thier stuff and running off if they don't make the third cage. Datian also travels a lot. I think he may be from Raburafok...wonder why he left.
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Nano Update [Sunday
November 13th, 05 at 2:52pm]

[ mood | content ]

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,556 / 50,000

So, going a little slower that I would like, but I've been giving priority to frivolous things such as school and work. :P
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Yeah, so... [Sunday
November 13th, 05 at 1:23pm]

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
5,824 / 50,000

Mine is turning into one of those ones that must have symbolism for everything, so it's taking a while longer to develop. Plus the fact that I'm not really caring about wordcounts all that much. Shmeh, says I. It's getting interesting, though. Veeeery interesting.

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Nano Update [Sunday
November 13th, 05 at 2:54am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
22,664 / 50,000

Ugh, good, done. I can make up the rest of the 4k I need tomorrow and still hit 27k. *rolls*

Tonight I discovered: That Chayse and Oliver are really very much alike in enough ways that I can draw meaningful parallels. Meaningful parallels that take up 2000 words. *grin*

Tonight I wrote: A bit of...everything. I think I bit of the cave scene when he finds the little sporling, and then when the three of them first come up on Athala.

PS: Please, if you can make it to tomorrow's meeting go replay to that post. Also, I urge you ALL to make wordcount posts here. Not every day if you don't want to, but feel free to use something like the format I have above. If you post it, they will comment. It just gives everyone an idea where you guys are ^_^ SO...post your wordcounts here. I sohuldn't be the only one posting here XP
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Meet Up [Friday
November 11th, 05 at 2:59am]

[ mood | nerdy ]

Yup, it's week two so I bleive we should have our week two meetup somewhere.

When: Sunday at 8pm
Where: Tim Hortons up King St. Up in the direction of Columbia. Basically, take the bus up to the McDonalds and keep walking straight. It's by a Harveys and a Burger King ^_^ RIGHT on the side of the road, it's before Chapters.
What to Bring: 500 word excerpt (yes, I'll actually bring one this time) current wordcount, anything you've been struggling with, and a notebook/pen/money for coffee or other Timmy foods.

Please REPLY here ASAP if you're coming ^_^ Everyone's welcome.

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Nano Wordcount for Nov 10th [Friday
November 11th, 05 at 2:52am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
18,324 / 50,000

Baha, I did it!

Tonight consisted of: Writing bits to random scenes in random places when I got tired of writing the current scene. Chayse vehemently denied wearing the dress. He also sent a note back to Naric from the dock, heard and was followed by tittering laughter in a pitch dark cave, and actually put his name in for that big central plot bit I don't want to write. A few hundred words here, a few there, eventually it adds up XD Yay for jumping to something new when you get bored.

Tonight I discovered: What breed of hawk Naric's hawk is, and a little bit about falconry and hawking. _____ is a Harris Hawik, or Dusky Hawk. Same thing, just different names. And Yes, the hawk is still named _____. I'm working on it. It'll come to me eventually.

PS: Everyone feel free to do this from now on since our other generators don't work anymore.
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Nano Counters [Thursday
November 10th, 05 at 9:38pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Yeah, ok, as some of you may have already seen, the word gauges are down and dead. No more comparing yourselves to others incredibly easily. Knew it would be too good to last. *le sigh*

There is another wordcounter that we can use, of course. The nifty Zokotou word meter or the Feath word meter.




So what I'm asking is for daily updates from all the members on where they stand wordcount-wise ^_^ It doesn't matter which one you use, just post to the community showing your wordcount and go ahead and bitch or rejoice if you've hit a wall or the caffiene finally kicked in, respectively.

I'm tentatively thinking of another Sunday night meeting this weekend. I'll make a post when I've thought about it more. Now, back to writing since I took some time off for a KEITH URBAN concert of sexyness and now find myself wanting to write a cowboy but CAN'T.

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Best of luck in all your current endeavors [Thursday
November 10th, 05 at 1:33am]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Not surprisingly, I'm dropping out of NaNo. I just don't have the time to write a novel. I'm doing either really well in my courses or really shitty, so there's no comfort zone to relax in; I need to either keep my marks up or to scrape by and achieve a somewhat respectable pass, emphasis on the "somewhat". November is the absolute worst time to do anything non-academic, especially taking naps, which I have a startling propensity for. Plus, I don't want my first work of long fiction to turn into this, which is looking increasingly likely should I continue, which I won't, as stated in the first sentence of this entry. I know I'm unnecessarily wordy, but I don't think I can manage 50000 words on wordiness alone. Maybe I'll try again next year, but by then I'll be a frightened out of work arts graduate instead of a frightened overworked arts student, so who knows?

If anyone needs help not writing a novel, I seem to be fairly good at it. I also got a lot of inspiration from my non-existent novel writing hero, Dave Gorman, who might be able to help you too realize that you can't write a novel.

I'm a much more competent editor than writer (or motivational speaker apparently), so if anyone seriously wants me to give their novel a quick read or discuss ideas, let me know. If you're worried about someone else reading your long, possibly bad prose, just remember that I'm taking my English seminar class in Victorian literature, where the books are aproximately a krabillion pages long (or some equally ridiculous fictional number). Besides, it's the least I can do after masqurading as a fellow author, feigning literary interest while slumping home to fake my way through another churned out essay on Bakhtin.


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Meet Up [Sunday
November 6th, 05 at 3:34am]

Just a reminder for everyone attending tomorrow's meetup. Sunday, at the Teashop at 8pm. The Teashop is located on University in the big plaza with East Side Mario's. It's not too hard to find. East Side is on one end of that section, and then there's a convenience store and a Kinko's beside it, and a few other things, then the Teashop at the opposite end. The Mongolian Grill is viewable right outside the Teashop windows. Anyone who is hopelessly lost either comment here or be at East Side for 7:50pm and I'll show you where it is ^_^
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Meet Up [Wednesday
November 2nd, 05 at 11:57pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Ok, so there will be a meet up this week in which I hope a good number of people can make it. See below for details please, and do remember to reply or die. *nod*

When: Sunday at 8pm
Where: Williams Coffe place or the Teashop (NOT bubbletease)
Bring: A 100-400 word excerpt from your novel! A notebook, current wordcount, and $ for foods/coffee
How Long?: An hour or so

Also, official reminder for people to give me their user numbers for the wordcount guages on the left, and please do actually update your wordcounts ^_^

PS: Reply or die! XD

*back to writing*

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